Welcome to feDistricts!

In the age of search engines becoming more and more unusable, and to bring the wider community of Fediverse together, the friends at Narretje Real Estate decided to build a variety of districts to house the inhabitants of the federated universe no matter where they are.

Check out the places inhabited by the Fediverse users, and maybe you also will find something for yourself?

Home to all who dedicate their love to video games and electronics. (1 inhabitant)
Known as "Venice of the North"... and a capital of visual arts. (3 inhabitants)
Change the world now, as we have no planet B. (0 inhabitants)
Camera, lights, action! (0 inhabitants)
Music makes me lose control. What about you? (3 inhabitants)
Not even a thousand words can express the love for written works. (0 inhabitants)
Love to keep up with what's new in technology? This is your dream destination! (2 inhabitants)
Middle Earth
Real life is boring, we prefer being bards and mages. (1 inhabitant)
Naia Green
Liberate your furry spirit here~! (2 inhabitants)
Red Light
Single mommies, daddies and hotties in your area. Adult-only District (0 inhabitants)
All things Korean! 안녕하세요~ (0 inhabitants)
Watch the cherry trees while waiting for the next episode of your favorite isekai. (0 inhabitants)
The Sky
Still finding your place? Don't worry, we got you covered. (3 inhabitants)
We're here, we're queer! (1 inhabitant)
Tower of Babel
Unité dans la diversité! Dies ist ein Ort für Polyglotte~ (0 inhabitants)
Turtle Island
A space to celebrate the BIPOC communities of our world and their cultures. (1 inhabitant)